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Social Commitment :
1. Ratanlal C. Bafna - A Short Introduction
R.C.Bafna Jewellers is involved in this golden gold journey since last 31 years. It has indeed rendered valuable selfless services in building up the trust among in the zillions of Indian hearts. It has engraved Jalgaon into a glinting golden city. Today R.C.Bafna Jewellers has become a pilgrimage of golden travellers.R.C.Bafna Jewellers does a golden work of gold for many golden customers.Now this golden journey will soon be embarked even in Aurangabad.
He is the president of District Jeweller’s Association since last 25 years.
He is the National president of All Indian Ratna Hitaishi Sravak Sangh.
3. Economical Help :
Everyday about 20-25 people receive complete meical care (operation etc.)for stimulating the inner being and so boosting healthy body every month.
Many hopeless women are given financial help since last 10 years.
Unemployed women in the society are provided with tailoring machine to earn their source of livelihood.
Trust has donated lacs of rupees for millions of social instigating programmes beneficialfor the society. eg. Earthquakes in Bhuj, The Yogacharya Swami Shree Ramdevji Baba, Shree Ravishankarji’s 'Art of Living', Shree Shikhkheraji,s lectures.
4.The Establishment of Shree R.C.Bafna Foundation (1987)The aims are :-
To make a sophisticated well cultured society.
Spread the importance of education.
To make the provision of recruitment for the women.
To provide healthy medical aid.
To save cattle ( the mother).
Spread the concept of non-violance and vegiterianism.
5.The provision of fresh water supply.
To give water to a thirsty man is the greatest deed. Hence water temples are set up at three most buisey places in Jalgaon. The sweet, fresh water becomes a nector for the thirsty hordes blossoming up the ambiance with sweet thopughts. In short it is '' A temple of happiness''
6. Zunka Bhakar Kendra .
To give food to a hungry man is piousest religeion that one can have. Hence with the help of Vivekanand Pratishthan Kendra, R.C.Bafna have set up places where everyday hordes of people relish the sumptuous food and become happy. Ultimately '' A happy man, a happy society.''
7. The provision of tricycle to the handicapped.
'' Live life lively'' is our motto, keeping this thought in mind we provide tricycles to many woebegoned handicapped who strive for happiness in their lives. To give them happiness is your ultimate goal.
8. Mangilal Bafna Eye Bank
'' To donate eye is to donate life.'' Thus the elder brother of Shree Bafnaji that is Shree Mangilal Bafna has donated his eye at the time of his death. Thus giving birth to this eye bank. This bank has embellished million lives with multichromatic hues and tints. Similarly in eye programmes 40000 patients were operated and got eyesight. Thus '' A colourful life a colourful society.''
9. Aquired Vegiterianism
Lord Mahaveer said,'' Ahimsa Paramo Dharma''. Hence to slaughtering of an animal is the greatest sign. So in order to spread vegiterianism and non- violence as a part of our social commitment. R.C.Bafnaji set up Shakahar Parishad. Every person should say '' I am vegeterian.'' For these three words R.C.Bafnaji gave many lectures reguarding vegeterianism in villages and many social institutions. Vegeterian food is only is only man's food is emphasized by him. Under this Shakahar Parishad he gave slates, books, raiments to many students.
10. R.C.Bafna Go-seva Anusandhan Kendra.
The motto of Bafnaji to that every cow should have her home where she can enjoy with her kids and live a verdent life taking care of her family. Thus we have established Go-seva Anusandhan Kendra instead of Goshala which is 6 Kms. in the Kusumba village from Jalgaon. Each and every strata of society should know that each and every product from cow is useful in science and daily regimen. For this a group of proffessionals doing indescently researsh hard. Many medicianl products are made from these products. Which includes manure medicines and many agricultural products. Today 1320 cows have become self dependent.Cows Said, '' Day by day in every way we are getting better and better.'' This center has become a place of tourist attraction due to
Meditation Hall
Vegetarian Museum
Raja Meghrath Kabutar Gruh
Sapt Gomata Pradakhana Mandir.
Aadarsh Jeevan Kalash. This is all done just to make people alert about the vitalness of domestic eating cow. '' Love your mother.''
11. Farmer Fares :
Farmer fares ie. Krushak mele are organised by the trust. In these programmes the agro experts speaks the importance and benifits of using manure and compost in agriculture. They thwart the use of insecticides and pesticides ruining the fertility and productivity of soil. Their instigating words received positive response from the farmers and increase the per hecter production. These fares were organised in the premises of Go-seva Anusandhan Kendra.
12. U -Turn vegitarian Musium
Vegitarian food is a complete diet.Many scientific researches have proved this statement. U - Turn is a musium in which the pertinance of vegeterianism and the cronic sideeffects of non-vegitarianism are discussed. Both the types of eating habits are compared in the matters of both the nutrition and hygeine. How the animals are ruthlessly slaughtered in the slotter house and the instruments involved during this processe etc. querries and questions are classified. R.C.bafnaji says, " If an individual observes and studies this museum then I guarantee that he can never become non-vegitarian." This museum has received positive response from the outsides as after seeing the museum tjey say,'' From now no violence, no bloodshade, only vegitarianism.''
13. Establishment of Karuna Club
This project has been undertaken in order to enoculate the feelings of forgiveness, love, non - violance and trust among the youth and make them alert about the nourishment of their mother mature. " Love animals.'' says R.C.Bafnaji. Thus to spread this thought both the Karuna International, Chennai and Bafna Fondation are stiving hard. Consequently, Karuna Club has been established in 60 schools soon number will go till 200 and more.
14. Examinations Conducted.
In order to have deep study about the concept of non- violance of Lord Mahaveer, many examinations are conducted on the subject, " The history of Jain Religion .''
Exams are conducted on all the threee parts of main epic of Jains, ie.'Uttaradhyan Sutra' at various places are prizes are given.
The institution which has done noticiable valuable work for the spread of vegiterianism and non -violence receives “ Shakahar Ahimsa karyakarta Award - Rs.31000/- cash and trophy from the hands of respected dignitaries since 6 years