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IMP Tips on Jewellery :
How to care select Jewelry:-
Get your ornaments polished from our shop if required not from any undesirable person.
Don't try to clean the ornament the ornament by cleansing chemical agent like washing powder , detergent, soap etc as they may loose their luster and polish.
Keep the ornaments of diamond away from frankinscence as they may become black due to undesirable reactions.  
Keep the gold ornaments away from mercury and mercury products as they may loose their sheen making them white like silver ornaments.  
The ornaments of the coastal inhabitants may become red black due to surfit Humility. Cadmium ornaments are made accessable their. Lack the ornaments of Diamond with medical cotton after their using.  
Gold ornament can sometime become white when both gold and silver ornaments are wore together.
Silver ornament can get blackened when they are placed in the box made up of Paper. So they should be safely preserved in either plastic pounch or white tracing paper.
The ornaments of stones are very delicate, so should be carefully used. The stone Which havecome out from a particular ornament and stuck again.  
Before leaving the cash counter check your cash and ornaments. 
Due to the deposition of suit n the ornaments when they are polished their weight Reduces.  
Try to invest in pure gold, as the profit is more at time of their self. 
Receipt is essential at the time of self of the ornaments otherwise will not be accepted. 
The ornamental parts like stones; pearls will be removed at the time of sell.  
We take guarantee about the quality, purity, design and standard of the ornaments but to use them properly entirely lies upon you.